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About us

We provide software services to all small BPO Companies for increasing their quality of work pattern. What ever might be the project you are working on, we will have a solution which emphasis to decrease man power and increase your work handling capability with efficient production.

Our development team is a combination of skilled individuals, who have been a part of development teams for some of the most renowned portals and software applications. We can provide you with customized software solutions with our accomplished specialists.

We have both in-house talent along with well-established relationships with some of the best programmers available. If you need specialized Front-end, Back-end, Database, E-Commerce, or Data Collection done in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), Java, Flash, ASP or whatever it takes - we can assist you.

  • Form Filling Software
  • Image to DOC Conversion Software
  • OCR Software Development
  • PDF to DOC Conversion
  • Tagging Software

We are currently providing software services to clients across the country. We are looking forward to offer our best services to you. Our stringent quality measures in our solutions give customers confidence in our predictable, low-risk, and high-quality development and maintenance services.


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Update: SGML/HTML Tagging Conversion Software V3.1.4 updated. Better quality and productivity!

Update :

HTML Tagging Conversion Software V.2.6 is released. Special Character support is included. Form Filling Software also available. Auto Typer Trial Version will be available upon request.

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